Terms of use

Hello, we have no choice but to take two minutes of your time to inform you of somewhat dull but necessary matters for everyone to come out on top and keep the rental system going. 

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns about this contract. 


*Last update: January 17th, 2024. PLEASE read carefully our Terms of use before using our services.*


1. STATE - During the fitting, you will be asked to be aware of the technical data sheet and the condition of the suit. All the clothes in inventory are secondhand and the technical data sheets allow us to keep track of the condition of the rented clothes. This also allows us to judge the condition of the garment when it is returned.

« Loved clothes can last a life time!»

2. RENTAL - For optimal fun during your next event, it's important that the tenant is present at the appointment in order to try on the ski suit.

If you can't make it to your appointment, contact us by email to reschedule your fitting. You have up to 24 hours before it to do so. The $15 paid when booking covers part of the stylist's salary. Note that if you don’t show up for your meeting, this $15 is not exchangeable or refundable.

If the person can't show up, we will do our best, with the measurements you have provided to find, a suit that is the right size. As the clothes all have different size standards, it is possible that the clothes do not suit the tenant. 

Once the rental has been paid and reserved, the duration, date and rental suit cannot be modified, canceled or refunded. It was reserved for you and therefore was not available for other customers.

3. USE - Out of concern for the environment, a reusable fabric cover and a hanger are provided for hire to protect the suit. The tenant agrees to take care of the rented property and to leave it in the cover when it is not worn. In the event that the cover and/or the hanger are not returned, the amount of $10* (cover) and/or $2* (hanger) will be charged to you.

4. MAINTENANCE - Please don't wash the suit. Cleaning is included in the rental price. We take care of everything!

5. DEPOSIT - All rentals require a security deposit of $450 per suit (the price+taxes of the suit and 5 business days late). This amount will be captured at the time of rental using an offline manual transaction of a credit card and signature. This capture is only valid for this transaction, no credit card information will be saved and the paper will be destroyed upon return of the rented property. A maximum of 3 deposits per transaction. Deposits are made by physical credit card only and the card holder must be present during the transaction. Apple Pay cannot be used. Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit cards only. 

6. RETURN & LATE FEE - The concept of Ribotti Vintage is based on the rental service, a late return prevents us from preparing the item in time for the next tenant.

Yes thereIf the return of the item exceeds the expected date, a fee of $15 will be charged per item per business day late. After 5 consecutive days of delay and an attempt to reach you, the deposit will be cashed. HASNo returns or credits will be possible.if you decide not to use the item you rented.

If the return date indicated on your reservation is a Monday, you have until the following day to return the rental to us, free of charge.

If the credit card on file is refused, RV will be obliged to initiate collection procedures, including, without limitation, the legal costs incurred for such action.

7. DAMAGE/LOSS - RV reserves the right to determine if the damage does not correspond to normal rental wear and tear.

- In the event that the garment is damaged (cigarette burn, tear, broken zipper, etc.) and this accident is not listed on the technical sheet, the amount of the repairs to be made will be charged to you: Full zipper $60* - Zipper pocket $25* - Patch $15* - Tear less than 2 inch $15* more than 2 inch $25* - Dry cleaning $45* - ETC.   

- In the case of the loss of a detachable accessory of the suit (belt, hood or lining), additional costs of $30* to $130* will be charged.                

- In the case of an irreparable condition, the total amount of the deposit will be cashed and the property will then be the property of the tenant.

- In the event that a garment is returned to us damaged, we will be obliged to repair it before returning it to inventory. We might be unable to honor a reservation. You will be contacted by email as soon as possible and we will work quickly to find you a replacement suit. In the worst case, you will be fully refunded.

8. FEES - The deposit is cashed only if the return date has passed. In the event that additional costs are charged to you, another transaction will have to be carried out. 

9. WARNING - Ribotti Vintage is not responsible for accidents or injuries directly or indirectly related to the use of a rented garment.